Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mausam - Old World Romance

Let's start with the story first. Aayat, played by Sonam Kapoor, has to leave her native Kashmir because of the insurgency there in 1992, and lands up in the beautiful Mallukot in Punjab, where she meets the hero Harvinder Singh aka Harry, played by Shahid Kapur. Their love story unfolds across the backdrop of the various tragic events, that have gripped our country over the years. The Babri Masjid demolition,  the Mumbai bomb blasts, the Kargil War, the 9/11 World Trade Center attack and the Gujarat riots, which occurred over a period of 10 years, form the background of this movie, which was shot across different countries and continents.

The movie's promos looked very appealing and the movie does not disappoint the viewers in that section. The cinematographer has successfully brought out the wonderful farmlands of Punjab on the screen. The lush greenery, the narrow lanes, and the Punjabi camaraderie are a treat to watch. The lead actors start liking each other, and their stolen glances, old romance, and the untold love are stunningly captured on the camera, and transform us into a world of slow, pure love.

The movie then moves to Scotland, and Switzerland, and America, and our very own Ahmedabad, and the director unleashes a flurry of striking visuals of these magnificent locales, but these places are unable to recreate the magic of the vast Punjab farms. A Mozart concert is unable to replace the Punjabi bhangra. And just as the storyline moves out of Punjab, the director loses the grip on the movie.

The movie has an ensemble cast comprising of veterans such as Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak. Sonam's shy avtaar is way better than the style diva that she tries to look later on in the film. She is improving as an actress, though the credit goes to Pankaj Kapur, who makes his debut as a director, to make Sonam act. Shahid, on the other hand, is growing as an actor, and really quick. He is a treat to watch, and looks amazing in the Indian Air Force uniform. He convincingly carries off the role of a young, enjoyable Punjabi boy to a sophisticated and disciplined officer.

Starting with an entertaining appeal and breathtaking views, the movie fails to impress the audiences post the intermission. Even the war scenes and the climax aren't able to totally hold the viewers' attention. Pritam's music flows smoothly with the movie's setting and will make you feel happy. Though the movie starts with an earnest effort, it doesn't completely deliver what it promises. A lot of predictability, but the film also provides some genuinely affectionate moments.

My opinion - if you like the traditional way of romance, and the superb visuals of Punjab and Scotland, and if slow movies don't deter you, Mausam is definitely worth a watch. An anticlimax, but watchable!!


  1. thumbs down for d movie and d review...d movie wasnt gud rite from d was slow,doesnt connect with d audience thruout d movie.Disappointing!!

  2. depends from person to person, what kind of movie dey like....

  3. nicee article...dun knw abt d review...havent watched the movie yet...m goin to watch it today...den wl let u knw abt my review...;) ;)

  4. really lukn forward for rockstar....mausam tp movie