Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Indian B Schools: The Ranking Dilemma

We all know how difficult it is to get into an Indian B-school, what with having to first appear for multiple entrance exams, followed by a rigorous GD-PI round. Some institutes have a few other tests or activities as well before one gets an admit to any of the few coveted B-schools in India.

But there is always a dilemma about what institute to choose. Which institute is better than the other, what are the placement records, faculty, how is the quality of students and campus life etc. are few of the questions that bog down the students' minds before they join a certain institute.

We can easily find the rankings of the Indian B-schools on internet, published by various sites. But the problem here is that most of these sites have a disparate computation logic or a novel formula considering the various factors. Some give preferences to location, others to placement, and some to legacy. No one is completely wrong and no one is completely right ! But what we can do is go through all the rankings and then devise our own rankings for the schools that may help us in make a better conclusion. And this is what I have done here.

I have collated quite a few rankings published on various websites and then created my own list based on it. Hope this helps !!

B SchoolsCareers 360Business TodayTrakWikipediaCareer AnnaEduniversalMBA UniverseTest FundaMoney ControlMBA ClubCareer LauncherOutlook IndiaFinal Rank
IIM - A1111121111111
IIM - B221332422
IIM - C223232233323
ISB Hyderabad4244
XLRI Jamshedpur73353104556635
FMS Delhi4446481212107946
IIM - L8459664557
IIM - K975971371068858
SPJIMR Mumbai12577615589101069
IIM - I1386138118797710
MDI Gurgaon1168897101311111711
IIFT Delhi171091212181514111313812
NMIMS Mumbai320111515239111218271213
SOM IIT - B Mumbai519201352419161814
IMI Delhi910161411741251115
NITIE Mumbai141212161046141615121016
JBIMS Mumbai30161410112813921141417
DMS IIT Delhi3151519629251422191618
TISS Mumbai112020201519
IIM Shillong1820212315121320
IMT Ghaziabad201318241616298192121
IIT Kharagpur151718202822
XIM - B1316171935221323261423
SIBM Pune291417144420211723924
IIM Ranchi253620222517222826
SCMHRD Pune401830272324221527
IIM Trichy202518393028
IIT Madras6373729
IIM Rohtak242023493130
IIM Raipur262026472931
IIM Kashipur2027413332
Sydenham Mumbai423230332633
IIM Udaipur2030523234

It is worth noting that some sites have not considered some schools for rankings, while some B schools did not want to share their details with the websites for rankings. Also, the final rankings are not program-wise; they are at an institute level. Also, some of these sites have not updated their rankings, which is why there can be some discrepancies.

I would be adding a few more schools to this list and try to make it an exhaustive index. Let me know some other rankings that I should consider and some other schools that you would like to see in the list. Lastly, do look at all the factors and make an informed decision.


  1. IMI above NITIE, TISS, SIBM, IIMs !!!! You got to be kidding me !

  2. Wikipedia ranking? Really? Wikipedia is not in the business of ranking business schools, or anything else.

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