Wednesday, 12 August 2015

What Freedom Means To Me!!

Freedom is important, it is essential. It is an inevitable part of our lives; in fact, we have started to take it for granted. Today, we might not even be able to answer what freedom actually means to us. Let’s try to find a response to this.

What freedom means to me? Freedom, to me, is making my own choices. I should be able to go where I want to, I should be able to live where I want to, and I should be able to do what I want to. I would love to be free to be able to decide my own career path and not just go with the herd. I would be thrilled to be able to study something that I like instead of something that I should. But try digging beneath the surface more, and you will find that the problem lies with our notion of freedom.

Liberty is not just for material things. It is deeper, more profound. Freedom to me means breaking the shackles of our minds, our suspicions and our doubts about others. Our society is too rooted into beliefs and conceptions that make it judge anyone and everyone. “A man who cries is not really a man”, “A woman who wears short clothes is characterless”, “He is gay. Therefore, he is not normal”. These are just some of the prejudices that are absolutely common in our society. Freedom comes from within, and we won’t be able to experience it until we let our minds flow free. Freedom is when you don’t make yourself and others a slave of your own narrow thinking, of your own biases and of your own judgement.

#MyFreedomLet me fly, let me travel. Let me make mistakes, let me learn.

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